To get started with using a thesis template, you need to obtain and install the following components/software:

  1. A PDF viewer for viewing the your output document. Make sure you have at least one PDF viewer on your computer such as Adobe Reader.
  2. A reference manager for managing your references. Examples include Jabref, Mendeley, EndNote and Zotero.
  3. A LaTeX distribution. For Macs, use Mactex. For Windows, use MikTeX. Alternatively, MikTeX could be installed automatically when you install LyX in (4) using the 300MB LyX bundled installer. If you choose to install MikTeX separately, you will be able to install a full version of MiKTeX with all available style files. If you install MiKTeX using LyX bundle, only basic MikTeX files will be installed. However you may install additional MiKTeX as andf when you need them.
  4. LyX document editor. If you choose to install MikTeX separately as in (3), install the 35MB LyX installer. 
  5. The UKM thesis template. Both English and Bahasa Melayu are available on the Template Files page.